Home Equity Loan and Line of Credit

Currently the interest expense assoicated with a Home Equity Loan (up to $100,000) is tax deductible.  The funding from the loan can be used to payoff college debts, buy that new car, or can be used for almost anything.  This is one of the ways the government attempts to stimulate the economy. Be smart and take advantage of this opportunity.  Additionally,be smart by finding the right Home Equity and Line of Credit product.  Please do your homework by taking a look at the Home Equity Loan and Line of Credit State Search Function below.

Home Equity and Line of Credit Free State Search

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Reasons why you should use the above search:

  • Unlike Your Lending Tree's and other mega mortgage search engines you do not have to give your personal information to receive basic mortgage information
  • Additionally, these other search engines will then spam you (i.e-Send you emails) for the rest of your life.  Not here.
  • You will actually see the companies that are available in your state and then you can select trusted names.

The Search Feature above really is a great free service.

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